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Voluntary property insurance spreads on movable and immovable property, that belongs to insurer on terms of ownership or he owns, leases or uses it on legal terms (contract of hiring, rent, credit, leasing, processing, repair, commission, storage or mortgage, if such property preliminary is not insured by his proprietor).

Voluntary property insurance in Ukraine (movable and immovable) first is aimed to protect housing (apartment, house), office building, trade apartments and all, that is inside from unforeseen risks.

Property insurance allows to avoid financial losses in case of damage (destruction) of property as a result of:

  • crush of water system, sewerage, heating, fire alarm systems, penetration of water or other liquids from nearby apartments.
    damage of insured property by water as a result of accidents of hot and cold water, sewage and heating systems, and also fire alarm system .
  • natural disaster (phenomenon): earthquake, shift, landslide, talus, settling, precipice, karst precipice, rockfall, thundershower (strong rain), hail (big hail), very strong snow-fall, snow pressure, that occurred as a result of very strong snow-fall, very strong frost, very
  • strong heat, high wind, including squalls and tornados, strong sticking of snow, flood (high water level), underflooding (increase of ground water), snowslide, mudflow.
  • fire risks: fire, smoke damage, explosion, lightning strike, that caused fire and other unforeseeable events.
    unlawful actions of the third persons (robbery, hijack, theft, arson and other)

Property insurance in Ukraine is conducted in a voluntarily form.

Insurer have an opportunity to choose insurance defence in any combination of risks proposed.

IC “Garant- Pharmamed” is working successfully for a long time at Ukranian market and proposes services in voluntary movable and immovable property insurance for private and legal clients.