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In the medical field, there is an increasing demand for liability insurance for medical and pharmaceutical workers for damage caused to the life and health of patients during medical practice. After all, the main characteristics and specific signs of the activity of a doctor (medical workers) are the unpredictability of the consequences of medical intervention (the body’s response to medicines or surgical intervention, a high degree of risk of invasive intervention, etc.).

In case of harm caused to a patient, a special type of civil law relationship arises between him and the doctor: doctor have to compensate the harm caused (material or moral).

The risk of such unpredictable events can be insured in our insurance company, and then the insurance company, and not you personally, will carry out the necessary payments to the victim (by a court decision).

These payments will be many times bigger than the amount of the payment that you will pay for receiving this insurance product.

This insurance protection can be used by health care institutions (insured – legal entities) and medical workers (insured – private persons).

The insurance company concludes liability insurance contracts in many areas of activity:

  • the responsibility of the translation service provider;
  • responsibility of a business entity;
  • responsibility of the landlord;
  • responsibility of the employer;
  • responsibility of the manufacturer;
  • responsibility of the manufacturer of medicines, medical and immunobiological drugs, medical equipment and medical products;
  • responsibility of the parking area owner;
  • responsibility of the organizer of entertainment events;
  • responsibility of the owner of the hotel and tourist complex;
  • responsibility of residents of residential buildings;
  • other types of liability insurance.

We will always find suitable personally for you insurance conditions!