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05.03.2020 Professional insurance – what protection do doctors expect?

In Ukraine professional liability insurance for medical and pharmaceutical workers for damage caused to the life and health of patients during medical practice is voluntary. This factor causes a low level of demand for this type of insurance. The issue of solving the professional liability insurance of medical workers in the form of compulsory insurance is being discussed periodically in society and its relevance is growing every year. This problem is covered by the CEO of “Garant-Pharmamed” Insurance Company, Professor A.V. Stepanenko on the pages of the popular all-Ukrainian medical magazine “Your Health”.

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26.05.2020 Alla Stepanenko : “if medical standard can not be executed through shortage of resources, there is no sense in it”

The new leadership of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has announced its intention to develop modern medical standards, without which it is impossible to ensure the quality of medical care. This provoked a lively discussion between those who consider the best option to introduce so-called international protocols in Ukraine and those who do not believe in the possibility of implementing high standards in the face of lack of money in the domestic industry.

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11.08.2017 Is control of medicare quality in Ukraine is a naked king?

All over the world, care is taken to constantly keep the “high bar” of medicine and constantly raise it. Therefore, quality control has been gradually transformed into its management and system of continuous improvement with the help of effective levers. There are no such in Ukraine, the Soviet methods of “extinguishing fires” and “beating the guilty” are still alive, but no longer work, “poor quality” has been turned into a brand of domestic medicine and masking the real causes of the situation in it. Who benefits from blocking an effective quality control system? And will we see the light at the end of the tunnel?

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