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Insurance company “Garant-Pharmamed” has long-term experience in the field of insurance of responsibility of customer of clinical trials before the third parties (patients, healthy volunteers) in relation to causing damage to their life and health during conduction of clinical trials:

  • medicines;
  • transplantations of tissues and cells;
  • medical immunobiological products;
  • medical equipment and/or facilities of the medical use.

Insurance company “Garant-Pharmamed” can provide a complete insurance of different risks during conduction of clinical trials, including:

  • protection of patients (healthy volunteers) in relation of damage caused to their life and health from the professional error of responsible researcher of clinical trial or a group of researchers;
  • insurance protection of responsible researcher and group of researchers in relation to damage of life and health of patients (healthy volunteers) from a professional error.

At this time we are an only company in Ukraine, that got official permission (№ 1938 from 15.08.2015) from the insurance regulator of Ukraine on life and health insurance of patient (volunteer) that participates in clinical trial (Copyright № 62741 Ministry of health of Ukraine).

For the first time this permission gives an opportunity to properly execute the requirements of the article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “About medicines” and law related order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 01.10.2015 №639 “About making changes to order clinical trials conduction of medicines and examination of materials of clinical trials”, namely part 9.1 section ІХ : “Clinical trial can begin…after signing a contract about life and health insurance of patient (volunteer) in order foreseen by a legislation”.

By having a contract with IC “Garant-Pharmamed” you can be fully confident in a legal accordance of the insurance contact to the requirements of Ukranian legislation for the receiving a permission of clinical trials conduction of medicines.