Quotation- price stated in response to an inquiry.

Reinsurance - The practice whereby one party called the Reinsurer in consideration of a premium paid to him agrees to indemnify another party, called the Reinsured, for part or all of the liability assumed by the latter party under a policy or policies of insurance which it has issued. The reinsured may be referred to as the Original or Primary Insurer, or Direct Writing Company, or the Ceding Company.

Reinsurer - An insurer or reinsurer assuming the risk of another under contract.

Risks- A term used to denote the physical units of property at risk or the object of insurance protection and not Perils or Hazard. Reinsurance by tradition permits each insurance company to frame its own rules for defining units of Risks. The word is also defined as chance of loss or uncertainty of loss.

Treaty - A general reinsurance agreement which is obligatory between the ceding company and the reinsurer containing the contractual terms applying to the reinsurance of some class or classes of business, in contrast to a reinsurance agreement covering an individual risk.

Thirdparty- person or entity not party to an agreement but with an interest in the agreement.

Uderwriting - the process an insurer goes through to determine whether or not it will provide coverage for an applicant.


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